Park Hotel Tsinandali Estate


The Park Hotel has been fully developed in-house by Silk Hospitality and represents an emblematic centerpiece for the youth lifestyle culture that is coming to maturation in Georgia. The guest’s journey here embodies one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to their unique needs. Attractive all year round, the hotel is surrounded by a park with centuries-old trees and lush pathways that lead to charming landscapes and secret rendezvous. Behind its charming appearance, stands a young Georgian Interior Designer, Tamara Valishvili, who has devoted her full attention to the overall visual appeal of the hotel. Well thought out details such as custom-crafted spaces and loft-style furnishings add a sense of authenticity to “The Park.” 

Respected young Georgian artists – Keti Davlianidze and Giorgi Katsarava have cleverly synthesized their work techniques into the walls throughout the building. Infused into the interior, graffiti and highly graphic elements speak to the more adventurous and open-minded travelers. Katsarava has spent his time combining music with street art. Concealed within the portraits of distinguished classical music composers, Davlianidze painted the contours of the Caucasus Mountains, Cupid’s arrows, and musical notes.