Noble Savage Club


A notable entertainment venue and night club in Tbilisi that makes full use of the urban landscape and the Soviet architecture it is built into. One of the most stylish and trendy clubs in the city, popular with local hipsters, it mixes contemporary sounds with a historical venue and is a lifestyle destination for people from around the world. 

Beyond being only a club Noble Savage acts as a media platform called the Savage Voice, which is something in between a notepad and a journal. Our club creators use it to shed light on various local and international cultural phenomena pertinent to our mission—even if only in a roundabout way or irrelevant way.  Here you will find interviews with the artists, thinkers, and activists you can encounter in the club and around the city; coverage of side events, and commentary on the films, books, and music we live by; our area discoveries and destination tips, links to other projects they dig. Press Here to read the Savage Voice.